P.O.Box 79098, 5th Floor,
NIC Investment House.
Samora Avenue, DSM, Tanznania.
Phone: +255 658 223330
          +255 767 223330
Email: info@rays.co.tz

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Compressed Natural Gas (Changua Nishati ya Gas)

CNG for vehichles, Industries & Home from RAYS LTD

Vehicles - It's a major area of focus that needs immediate attention :

Rays Ltd will create, build and deploy all the following things

  1. CNG kits - Supplying, Installation and maintenance
  2. Dispenser in 10 to 20 locations in Dar Es Salaam and scale-up
  3. Heavy Trucks for transporting the CNG to the places where pipe line is not available
  4. Pipeline installation of the additional areas to be covered.