P.O.Box 79098, 5th Floor,
NIC Investment House.
Samora Avenue, DSM, Tanznania.
Phone: +255 658 223330
          +255 767 223330
Email: info@rays.co.tz

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Area of Specialization
Compressed Natural Gas
green energy solution
IT & Networking Solution
Communication Solutions
Broadcasting Solutions
Quick Building Solutions
Our Services

Green Energy

  • Solar Panels, Invertors, Batteries & Accessories.
  • Solar Power is Clean and total Green.
  • No Shortage of Sun in Tanzania.
  • No Running Cost & minimal Maintenance
IT Networking & Communications Solutions
  • IT Networking & Servicing
  • Storage Server, Networking Products, Cisco Solutions
  • IP – PABX & Voice Related Products
  • Remote Monitoring and Backup services
Broadcasting Services
  • Satellite Bandwidth Services for Radio & TV
  • Earth Station Setup
  • Broadcasting Equipments and Services
  • TV & Radio Internet Streaming Solutions
Quick Building Solutions
  • Quick High tech houses in cost effective manner
  • Whole houses can be setup in few days
  • From 36 Sq M to 300 Sq M with G+1 Houses
Compressed Natural Gas
  • CNG kits - Supplying, Installation and maintenance
  • Dispenser in 10 to 20 locations in Dar Es Salaam and scale-up
  • Heavy Trucks for transporting the CNG to the places where pipe line is not available
  • Pipeline installation of the additional areas to be covered